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Shutdown Jobs in Oil and Gas

Swift Worldwide Resources Shutdown Jobs

Oil refineries and chemical plants often halt operations and shut down jobs for the sake of efficient production. These shutdown jobs provide opportunities for people just like you. Scheduled maintenance or upgrades at refineries can be a wonderful way to get started in the Oil & Gas industry.

When it comes to shutdowns, jobs are just as varied as they are with other oil field work. From engineers to project managers to schedulers, positions are exciting and challenging, and will provide candidates with the chances they've been waiting for to get involved with this viable market. Swift Worldwide Resources is here to help you break into the industry through shutdown/turnaround jobs and other positions. We have the knowledge and experience required to guide and support you on your way to a sustainable and lucrative career.

Why Choose Swift Worldwide Resources

Despite the high volume of Oil & Gas work out there, it can be difficult to get a foot in the door for shutdown jobs. Swift Worldwide Resources is the name you can trust to provide you with expert advice for landing the perfect shutdown jobs.

The reasons for this are simple: For more than 30 years, Swift has maintained a targeted recruiting focus on the Oil & Gas industry. We connect candidates who are skilled in maintenance work with our clients, and build the foundation for the employee-employer relationship.

When you decide to partner with Swift Worldwide Resources to find shutdown jobs, you'll be getting the ultimate in professional attention. With over 25 offices in operation and more than 300 internal staff members across the globe, we can help you wherever you are located. Our knowledge of jobs available is vast in multiple countries where companies need to perform maintenance work. You will receive the assistance of one of our recruitment consultants, and he or she will stick with you along every step you take toward acquiring one of the turnaround jobs.

Your choice is simple – Swift Worldwide Resources is the leader among Oil & Gas recruitment companies and we will be fully dedicated to helping you get the job you've been waiting for!

Discover The Shutdowns Jobs Waiting For You!

Your new oil field career with shutdown jobs starts here with Swift Worldwide Resources. Beginning the process is easy. Call or send any and all general inquiries via phone, email or fax. If you have a specific location where you want to seek shutdown work, check out our location map complete with related information about each Swift Worldwide Resources operation.

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