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Oil Rig Companies

Oil Rig Companies

Are you the owner of an oil rig that is currently understaffed, which keeps you from maximizing your profits? If you have open oil rigging positions that are not getting filled fast enough for you to bring in the revenues that you desire, get in touch with Swift Worldwide Resources at your earliest convenience. You will find that Swift can pack your oil rig with qualified, motivated workers who will give you high production levels.

Guaranteeing Quality Workers

At Swift, we promise that we will help you staff your oil rig with the best employees, drawing from our pool of over 200,000 candidates. How can we make such a bold promise? It all comes down to our level of influence in the market for oil rigging positions. Our contractors are currently working in 35 countries and our over 25 offices give us the ability to coordinate efforts in any part of the globe. Since we have this much influence, we are able to find experienced workers who are coming off contracts in many countries. We will never put someone on your oil rig that we do not believe is a perfect fit.

Filling Positions Immediately

Another advantage to working with us is that your oil rig will get these new workers right away. Since our recruiters have already gone over their credentials and resumes, we can figure out who will meet your qualifications for any oil rigging position without much time delay for you. Furthermore, these potential employees have all come to us because they are actively looking for new jobs or about to complete their contract with us. They are eager to work for you on the oil rig.

Looking For a New Job?

Swift Worldwide Resources can also help employees, so maybe you are thinking about contacting us to get working on an oil rigs. As you can see, we are always reaching out to the largest companies in the industry, companies like Noble Corporation and BP Exploration. We have connections that can help you find that oil rig job that has been so elusive when you are searching on your own. When you meet up with us, one of our trained recruiters will be assigned to your case. He or she can then help look at what you want in an oil rigging job, compare that with the positions that are being offered currently, and find the ideal match.

How To Contact Us Today

Whether you are looking for work on oil rigs or representing oil rig companies that are looking to hire new workers, you should give us a call. If you would like to call, our over 25 global offices means that someone will always be available to talk to you. If you would rather send an email, we will respond within the next 24 hours. Just tell us what you are looking for -- a job on an oil rig or a new employee -- and we'll help you find it.

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