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Oil & Gas Recruiters in Houston

Oil & Gas Recruiters Houston

Swift Worldwide Resources helps fill oil industry jobs in Houston with a dedicated and experienced pool of over 200,000 contractors. We are looking to help fill positions with Oil & Gas recruiters in Houston and are looking for committed, professional and passionate individuals. If you would like to work with one of the largest families in the Oil & Gas industry, Swift Worldwide Resources would like to help you. 

What Jobs are Oil & Gas Recruiters in Houston Filling?

Oil & Gas industry jobs in Houston are one of the biggest sources of employment in the state of Texas. The jobs Swift Worldwide Resources staffs are varied, but can be summed up in the following categories:

Oil & Gas Workers: Oil rigs, offshore platforms and pipelines all require skilled manpower for successful operations.

Engineers: Advanced degrees in science, geology and engineering are the best way to help maintain Oil & Gas operations and come up with designs to make processes more efficient.

Administrative Professionals: Swift needs to staff office jobs for Oil & Gas recruiters in Houston to make sure areas such as accounting, marketing and human resources run smoothly.

Who Do Oil & Gas Recruiters in Houston Want to Hire?

People of all educational backgrounds and all experience levels are needed to help Oil & Gas recruiters in Houston. The more experience and dedication you have shown to the Oil & Gas industry, the more Swift can find the correct employer to suit your specific needs and skills. We are looking for people who are committed to working in the industry and show a genuine passion for the business beyond monetary compensation.

For your commitment to the Oil & Gas industry, Swift will make sure to find you employment even before your current contract comes to an end. Our entire company works to locate your next job whether it is with an Oil & Gas recruiter in Houston or a company half-way around the world.

How Do You Relocate to Oil Industry Jobs in Houston?

No matter what part of the world you are currently located, Swift can help you fill the open positions of Oil & Gas recruiters in Houston. We have over 25 offices and have successfully placed contractors in 35 different countries. Getting you to Houston and setting you up for your new job is our job. We handle all of your travel logistics, from getting you there, to finding you housing, to coordinating the proper paperwork that allows you to live and work in the United States (if you are not currently a resident). We even help you make the transition by providing "concierge packs" to help you get acquainted to your new city.

Contact Swift Worldwide Resources

If you are interested in working for an Oil & Gas recruiter in Houston or are looking to fill vacancies, Swift Worldwide Resources would love to help you. Contact us through email or by phone to speak to a representative in one of our regional offices.

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