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Oil and Gas Jobs in Alaska

Swift Worldwide Resources Alaska Oil Jobs

Networking and relationship building in Alaska is the key to finding work in the North Slope area, and Swift Worldwide Resources is the best place to create and develop relationships in the Oil & Gas industry. If you want to find hard, honest, real labor for Alaska oil jobs, you might have to do more digging than you would for the actual oil. Fortunately, Swift Worldwide Resources helps workers and employers collaborate with each other in order to tend to the vast natural resources available in the state. 

Who Do We Recruit?

In order to staff all of the Alaska jobs oil companies have to fill, we need a workforce of dedicated individuals. While we look for individual characteristics such as strength, endurance, intelligence and moral fortitude, we also need people who know how to work on a team in order to complete complex tasks. We want our oil jobs in Alaska staffed with dedicated and loyal employees who aren't afraid of hard work.

What Can You Expect in Alaska?

While the weather is not the most hospitable, oil companies make sure their employees are taken care of appropriately. Field technicians receive excellent pay, benefits, and enough time off in order to maintain a good work life balance. By giving your loyalty and dedication to oil jobs in Alaska, you will be rewarded with opportunities for advancement into leadership and management positions.

Is It More Than Just Another Job?

Working in Alaska takes more than just getting up and sitting at a desk every day. As an employee in the Oil & Gas industry, you are responsible for meeting the energy needs of the entire world. You are a vital part of the world's economy and people depend on you to perform things such as getting to work in a car, turning on a light bulb, cooking food and watching television.

Contact Swift Worldwide Resources

If you want to change your life by working in Alaska, we would love to hear from you. We have a professional staff of recruiters who want to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible. For general inquiries about our Alaska pipeline jobs, contact us and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible. With several offices located across the country and across the world, you can contact a recruiter in your area for questions of immediate importance. We hope to help you fill your employment needs and successfully start filling open Alaska oil jobs.

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