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Bakken Oil Field Jobs

Swift Worldwide Resources Bakken Oil Jobs

The Bakken oil field jobs in Montana and North Dakota will put you at the center of a current boom in the regional Oil & Gas industry. Between the global demand for oil, and the wealth of it that lies beneath the ancient Bakken rock formation, this is an excellent location for professionals like you. 

When you partner with Swift Worldwide Resources, you're working with the best recruitment company in the business. Furthermore, becoming a Swift contractor means being part of a team that considers itself a family. Join the countless others who have benefited from the increasing yields of the Bakken oil field jobs.

What Can I Expect From Bakken Oil Jobs?

Your career with Bakken oil companies, jobs that might be available, and the people you'd be working for depend on your level of expertise and what's currently open. You'll be assigned a personal account manager who keeps you abreast of your options. The Bakken oil jobs themselves range from truck drivers to coordinators to field sales representatives, and we'll work hard to find the position that best suits your skill and preference. 

Bakken oil field jobs can be lucrative. Contractors with less experience can expect to make entry-level pay to start, but experienced professionals might bring in a Bakken oil field jobs salary of six figures.

Will Swift Help Me Find New Work When A Job Ends?

As with any contract job in the Oil & Gas industry, Bakken oil field jobs are not always permanent. Swift Worldwide Resources is ahead of the game on this, as we have teams of people looking for a replacement job even before your current one ends. Because we work with a number of Bakken oil companies, jobs are known to us early in the search process.

Swift Worldwide Resources is a leader in Oil & Gas recruitment because we channel our efforts solely into connecting employees to employers within this one industry. Whether it's for Bakken oil jobs or positions in other oil fields, we know what employers are looking for. Because we've been doing this for more than 30 years, we also understand how the climate in this sector can change, and support our candidates in seizing opportunities while they're available.

Through over 25 operational offices around the globe, we can reach you wherever you are, and guide you on the journey to Bakken oil field jobs and sustainable income.

Getting Started With Swift Worldwide Resources

Our decades of experience have made us a trusted name for both job seekers and job providers in the Oil & Gas industry. Whether you're looking for Bakken oil jobs or are hoping to fill a few positions, our consultants and offices will help you reach your goal. 

Your new career in the Bakken oil field jobs starts here, with you and Swift Worldwide Resources. Getting in touch is easy. For general inquiries, you can reach us by phone, email or fax. You may also find a specific location and its related contact information.

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